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NUSA Vietnam JSC has developed and owns its exclusive water treatment technology to provide rural households and communities with clean and safe water
NUSA provides engineering design and installation of Solar photovoltaic power, solar water heating systems for domestic and industrial purposes.
NUSA has its good expertise, highly specialized in environmental engineering, energy, water treatment and project construction and management .
NUSA septic-F is a family-size system for treatment of human waste and domestic waste water.
NUSA Vietnam JSC has developed its exclusive Biogas Technology, in which, plug-flow mode is combined with biofilm system to increase gas production and improve waste treatment efficiency of the out-put effluent.
NUSA has its own workshop for manufacturing diversified equipment in energy, water and waste water treatment for both installations and research testing purposes. NUSA water filtering media are of natural origin, locally available, diversified varieties, each from them is for a particular filtering purpose.