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NUSA SEPTIC is an exclusive technology, developed by NUSA R&D for domestic wastewater treatment
Nano silver filter applied in the NUSA system for fine filtering and sterilization.
NUSA follows chemical free technology in its development phiosophy. Sterilization by UVC is a good solution for safe water supply.
Ultra filtration is the final stage of NUSA filtration process, using very fine filtering membrane to eliminate remaining contamination as well as virus and bacteria from water.
Biofilm is used in the NUSA surface water treatment technology in combination with plug-flow mode for enhancing sedimentation. It is also an effective media for holding and generating useful bacteria, which is improving decomposition of organic contamination and eliminate harmful bacteria through antiphatic symbiosis, such as Coli and E-coli… Using biofilm in NUSA Biogas systems can improve considerably efficiency of Biogas production and better treatment of waste effluent.
Wetland plays a very important role to eliminate organic matters from raw water in the NUSA surface water treatment technology. Wetland is also used for treatment of biogas effluent before discharging to environment.
Equipment specifications, picture, application of NUSA technology and materials.